Tips and Advice on Residential Plumbing Systems

What Are the Different Kinds of Plumbing Repair Homeowners Should Watch out For?

There are 3 major kinds of plumbing repair which can happen with a residential plumbing system; these are repairing leaks, repairing mechanical part, and clearing a blockage. Leaks can pop up anywhere in a system for various reasons. Mechanical faults happen when valves don’t work correctly, the water flow is not regulated, and evidence can be visible by leaks. Clogs usually happen within the drainage side and become more apparent when the water doesn’t drain properly. Any kind of plumbing issue will create a risk to ones health or property, and must be addressed immediately.

Almost all plumbing systems have a supply side, this brings in water from a central hub, and a drainage side, that carries water out. The supply side brings in water whilst it is under pressure, via a system of pipes, which are created to withstand high pressure. When these pipes are connected, the joints will be secured using one of several ways, ranging from compression, soldering or welding. The drainage side has wider pipes which take out used water and waste to a main sewerage system.

Leaks in the supply side usually happen when pipes freeze and then burst, when joints fails, or when one has rotted prematurely. When leaks happen on the supply side, water escapes whilst under tremendous pressure and will create damage to the surrounding area, including floods. When this happens, all water usage must be stopped and immediately repaired.

Once the water has been switched off, all water has to be drained from the system in order to perform repairs, which usually involves replacing the damaged section. This kind of repair can be expensive, in addition to time-consuming as these pipes may be hidden behind walls or floors. Care has to be taken to protect flammable items if soldering is part of the repair.

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