Common plumbing issues in Miami FL

Most plumbing problems are universal and easy to fix. From a clogged pipe to a dripping shower, they are all common problems with fairly simple solutions. But in Miami FL, where basements are rare and poured concrete foundations are customary, simple problems such as leaky pipes aren’t always so simple to repair. That is why, you have to call in the best plumbing service in Miami FL, every time you need a plumbing repair.

One of the most common plumbing problems in Miami FL is a hidden leak. Even the tiniest leak, concealed in a block wall or a slab foundation, underground, or in the sewer line, can waste thousands of gallons of water and result in the need for an expensive plumbing repair in Miami FL.

The best way to detect these hidden leaks is to monitor your water bill. An unexpected spike, that can’t be explained is a red flag. If you are sure there are no errors and no obvious causes such as dripping faucets, or running toilets, then it is time to call for a plumbing repair. The best plumbing company in Miami FL is Miami Dpaul Plumbing. They have a lot of experience in the area.

To detect these hidden leaks, a professional plumber will first use a pressure gauge. If the gauge indicates a loss of pressure after all the obvious leaks have been stopped, then you have clear proof of water leaks. At this point, a special device is needed to detect the location of the leak. Companies like Miami Dpaul Plumbing use a pipe camera, and they can detect any hidden leaks in the system. Not every plumbing service in Miami FL can provide such equipment.

Another common plumbing problem in Miami FL are the mineral deposits that are accumulating in the pipes. These minerals have to be removed in order to prevent clogs and slow drainage. Bad odors are also a result of the mineral deposits inside the pipes. Schedule a plumbing repair and make sure the problem gets fixed.

Finally, the biggest issues are clogged sinks. This usually happens because of the food that is being thrown in the sink. If you want to have less plumbing repairs than usual, here’s what you have to do:
– pour the grease into a coffee can and throw it out with the trash;
– avoid throwing fibrous food like celery, onion peels, lettuce, etc.
– run cold water while you’re grinding up food and sixty seconds after you shut off the disposal.
– Pour organic drain cleaner down the drain, at least once a week, to clear out any “stuff” that might be there.

When everything fails, and no mater how much you’ve tried to prevent clogs, they still occur, Miami Dpaul Plumbing is there for you. They have at least 12 years of experience in the Miami FL area and the most professional plumbers. Call them at (305) 332-1407 for any plumbing repair you may need.