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Common plumbing issues in Miami FL

Most plumbing problems are universal and easy to fix. From a clogged pipe to a dripping shower, they are all common problems with fairly simple solutions. But in Miami FL, where basements are rare and poured concrete foundations are customary, simple problems such as leaky pipes aren’t always so simple to repair. That is why, you have to call in the best plumbing service in Miami FL, every time you need a plumbing repair.

One of the most common plumbing problems in Miami FL is a hidden leak. Even the tiniest leak, concealed in a block wall or a slab foundation, underground, or in the sewer line, can waste thousands of gallons of water and result in the need for an expensive plumbing repair in Miami FL. Continue reading

Why use a water leak detector?

The most common plumbing problems in Miami FL are hidden leaks. This is because the buildings in the area don’t have basements so the drainage system has to be concealed in the concrete floor or in the block walls. This makes the pipes more vulnerable to corrosion and the leaks harder to detect. Most plumbing contractors in Miami FL will uncover the entire pipe line in order to locate the leak, creating a lot of damage to the wall or concrete floor. But there is a way to avoid this. Miami Dpaul Plumbing uses leak detectors so they only have to uncover the pipe at the leaking place, avoiding any unnecessary damage to the wall or floor. Take a moment and look for the following signs that can result in the need for leak detection services. Continue reading